TKE  985

5-axis CNC machining centre with moving gantry structure. Designed for milling, drilling, thread cutting and cutting on bars or large workpieces of aluminium, light alloys in general and steel. The moving part of the machine consists of a gantry with precision rack and pinion drive. The high power (10 kW in S1) electrically-driven spindle with HSK-63F tool holder allows machining operations, including heavy-duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed and accuracy. A fixed 14-place tool magazine is installed on board the machine. It can be supported with a further fixed 14-place magazine on the other side of the machine, or replaced by a 14-place motorised tool magazine that can move and approach the moving gantry structure in both the working areas, reducing the tools and toolholders quantity requirement and optimising the software programming considerably. The machine can be used in double mode so as to minimize machine downtime, as it is possible to change the workpiece (load/unload) in "concealed" time. It is also possible to machine different workpieces between the two work areas. The gantry is provided with a guard which, besides protecting the operator, also reduces the noise impact on the environment.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
X AXIS (longitudinal) (mm)
10.200 ; 8.200
Y AXIS (transversal) (mm)
Z AXIS (vertical) (mm)
B AXIS (vertical axis rotation of the head)
0° ÷ 360°
C AXIS (vertical-horizontal rotation of the head)
-90° ÷ +90°
B and C axis positioning increments
Maximum power in S1 (kW)
Maximum speed (rpm)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Toolholder cone
HSK – 63F
Air cooling with electric fan
With direct tool (upper face, side faces, heads)
With blade tool (upper face, side faces, heads)
1 + 2 + 2
Standard fixed left 14-place tool magazine
Standard RH fixed 14-place tool magazine
Maximum dimension of tools that can be loaded into the fixed magazine (mm)
Ø = 160 - L = 200
Maximum diameter of the blade that can be loaded into the magazine (mm)
Drilling on solid aluminium AL99 – Ø max. (mm)
Ø 20
Drilling on solid steel FE370 D FF – Ø max. (mm)
Ø 14
Straight milling on solid aluminium AL99 – max. thickness (mm)
Straight milling on solid steel FE370 D FF – max. thickness (mm)
Tapping on solid aluminium AL99
Tapping on solid steel FE370 D FF
Workpiece reference stops with pneumatic movement
Additional workpiece reference stop with pneumatic movement
Maximum number of reference pneumatic stops
Standard number of pneumatic vices
Maximum number of pneumatic vices
Automatic vice positioning through X axis
Double horizontal hold-down devices on pneumatic vices for the machining of two parallel profiles
Tool magazine

A spacious tool magazine with 14 places is installed on the side of the machine. The housing with automatic cover offers optimum protection for the toolholder cones from swarf and accidental knocks. To work in double operation mode, a second 14-place magazine can be added to the other side of the machine, managing an independent set of tools in each work area. As an alternative to the fixed magazines, a single 14-place motorised magazine with its own NC axis can be fitted, which follows the mobile gantry in the two work areas. This solution drastically reduces the time required for tool changes and optimises the required number of tools and toolholders.

Aluminum TKE 985 Tool magazine Tekna
Aluminum TKE 985 Vices Tekna

The vice unit can ensure the correct and safe clamping of large aluminium, steel and light alloy profiles. The vice size and the long Y stroke of the electrospindle allow machining large profiles for all kinds of civil and industrial applications. Each unit slides on linear guides on machine surface. The positioning is managed by the X axis. Counterblocks can be mounted quickly and accurately, making the machine extremely versatile. The vice unit can be configured with a double hold-down device, to machine two profiles in parallel.

Cutting unit
The Ø 350 mm blade supplied is housed in a dedicated magazine and has an independent lubrication system. It is equipped with HSK63F toolholder and can work by exploiting the 5 interpolated axes of the electric head to section the workpiece. This versatile tool allows compound cuts, straight cuts, end milling and trimming operations to be carried out with maximum speed, safety and precision.
Aluminum TKE 985 Cutting unit Tekna
Aluminum TKE 985 Profile positioning Tekna
Profile positioning

A retractable reference stop is installed on the left-hand side of each of the two work areas. In this configuration, up to two workpieces can be machined in multi-piece or double operation mode. The right stop can be simply moved to the end of the machine for machining extra-long workpieces. With similar operations and using up to 4 additional optional stops, the machine demonstrates all its working versatility. A laser system is available for accurately positioning the workpieces on the work surface; this reads each profile and sets the reference without the need for mechanical stops.

Additional vices (Optional)

If necessary, it is possible to install additional vices beyond the standard machine equipment. In this way, it is possible to ensure perfect clamping of bars or bar sections even in complex cases in terms of number, size or types of profiles to be machined. Moreover, the additional vices allow greater versatility in vice position depending on the length of the workpieces and the machining to be performed.

Aluminum TKE 985 Additional vices Tekna
Aluminum TKE 985 Dimensional profile measurer Tekna
Dimensional profile measurer (Optional)

The machine can be optionally equipped with an electronic device that automatically corrects workpiece dimensional errors in length, width and height. In this way, the accuracy of the machine is not influenced by the differences between theoretic and actual workpiece dimensions during machining. This device accurately probes the rough workpiece in several positions, correcting the machining along its whole length, even with deformed or warped profiles.

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