TKE 985

5-axis CNC machining centre with moving gantry structure. Designed for milling, drilling, thread cutting and cutting on bars or large workpieces of aluminium, light alloys in general and steel. The moving part of the machine consists of a gantry with precision rack and pinion drive. The high power (10 kW in S1) electrically-driven spindle with HSK-63F tool holder allows machining operations, including heavy-duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed and accuracy. A fixed 14-place tool magazine is installed on board the machine. It can be supported with a further fixed 14-place magazine on the other side of the machine, or replaced by a 14-place motorised tool magazine that can move and approach the moving gantry structure in both the working areas, reducing the tools and toolholders quantity requirement and optimising the software programming considerably. The machine can be used in double mode so as to minimize machine downtime, as it is possible to change the workpiece (load/unload) in "concealed" time. It is also possible to machine different workpieces between the two work areas. The gantry is provided with a guard which, besides protecting the operator, also reduces the noise impact on the environment.

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