Module  Bench

Banco modulare di grandi dimensioni, estensibile, dedicato all’assemblaggio di serramenti e celle di facciata. È corredato di 3 piani di lavoro distinti: uno con PVC morbido per le operazioni di assemblaggio, uno con PVC duro antifrizione per la rotazione ed una rulliera per lo spostamento in linea.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
RH or LH retractable roller bench
Possibility of pneumatic exchange between different work benches (roller bench, soft PVC bench, hard anti-friction PVC bench)
Soft PVC bench length (mm)
Anti-friction hard PVC bench length (mm)
Roller bench length (mm)
Extended roller bench length (mm)
Retractable roller bench length (mm)
Extensible in width (mm) with movable centre support
1.300 ÷ 2.500
Height (mm)
Air consumption (Nl/min)
Load capacity (kg)
Weight (kg)
Retractable bench
Push-button operated and covered with rollers, the retractable bench allows the bench to be connected to the production line and can be tilted so as not to hinder the operator's movements during assembly operations.
Aluminum Module Bench Retractable bench Tekna
Aluminum Module Bench Extension Tekna
Module Bench can extend from 1,300 mm to 2,500 mm and can be set in any position using a clamping lever, providing great versatility. It is also possible to manually position the centre crossbar for machining small frames.
Roller bench
The roller bench allows the window frame to be transferred along the assembly line with minimal effort on the part of the operator.
Aluminum Module Bench Roller bench Tekna
Aluminum Module Bench Support surface in soft nonslip PVC Tekna
Support surface in soft nonslip PVC
The soft PVC support surface provides a high friction coefficient during assembly procedures.
Support surface in hard anti-friction PVC
The anti-friction hard PVC work surface allows for a low coefficient of friction, which facilitates rotational movements of the door.
Aluminum Module Bench Support surface in hard anti-friction PVC Tekna

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