Tekna has been a brand recognized for more than 50 years in the market for aluminum extrusion processing machines. Among the first companies in the sector to design, develop and commercialize CNC Machining Centers, Tekna has been able to keep pace with a constantly evolving market with innovative proposals often tailored to customer needs.

Tekna does not present itself as a simple supplier of machines but as a partner able to follow the customer in the process of defining the most suitable solutions. And this is why the design concept of the Tekna Work Centers is based on maximum flexibility. In the processed materials, in the management software, in the possible configurations with the additional modules. To always have an answer on all the issues related to the processing of aluminum extrusions. From window frames to industrial applications.

Precisely because of this proactive approach to the production problems and the quality of the solutions adopted, Tekna has become part of the Voilàp Group. A common philosophy that today adds experiences, skills and abilities productive ones able to give precise answers to every market request. Even to those that have not yet been formulated.