Acca  XL

The bench is suitable for any fitting and assembly operation of door and window frames. The sliding and extendable tops allow operations with every size frames and very big structures in complete safety.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Benches for laying tools and accessories
Small parts containers
Soft nonslip PVC contact surface
Height adjustable work bench
Pneumatic system with 2 quick-connect taps
Feet with holes for ground fixing
Sliding and width-adjustable supporting tables
Sliding and length-adjustable supporting table
Length (mm)
1.330 ÷ 2.440
Width (mm)
2.180 ÷ 4.000
Height (mm)
875 ÷ 1.000
Load capacity (kg)
Adjustable feet
Height adjustable feet to ensure the work bench can be positioned at the required height and perfectly flush with the other products in the Dynamic Line. The feet also have holes so they can be anchored to the floor.
Aluminum Acca XL Adjustable feet Tekna
Aluminum Acca XL Surface in nonslip PVC Tekna
Surface in nonslip PVC
The working surfaces are covered with soft nonslip PVC that provides secure support when positioning the frame.
A series of convenient bins allow for the storage of small parts in a simple and orderly manner for easy identification of items.
Aluminum Acca XL Drawers Tekna
Aluminum Acca XL Pneumatic system Tekna
Pneumatic system
Quick-connect taps that ensure compressed air supply with ease.
Extendible support surface
Adaptation to any size of frame is ensured by the presence of both horizontally sliding table tops and the extendible support that slides on wheels, allowing for a very flexible increase in the size of the work bench.
Aluminum Acca XL Extendible support surface Tekna

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