Wt  450

WT 450 is a trolley used at the end of the line as a single tool for storing the finished doors and windows in the factory and transporting them to the worksite.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Lifting and suspension hooks
Modular structure base (mm)
970 x 1.730
Modular structure height (mm)
Removable wheels for trucking
Soft nonslip PVC contact surface
4 swivel casters, 2 of which have locking stops (mm)
Ø = 125
Load capacity (kg)
Weight (kg)
Pivoting wheels
Equipped with 4 pivoting wheels, 2 of which with brakes, that ensure a high degree of mobility and easy handling of the object. Locking the braking units allows their position to be fixed near different work areas.
Aluminum Wt 450 Pivoting wheels Tekna
Aluminum Wt 450 Surface in nonslip PVC Tekna
Surface in nonslip PVC
The working surfaces are covered with soft nonslip PVC that provides secure support when positioning the door.
Preparation for lifting
It allows it to be lifted easily by forklift as it is equipped with a fork housing. It also has hooks that ensure lifting by crane.
Aluminum Wt 450 Preparation for lifting Tekna
Aluminum Wt 450 Preparation for transport Tekna
Preparation for transport
Very easily and quickly, the pivoting wheels with brakes can be removed so that the carriage can rest on its own rubber feet to ensure safe truck transport.

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