TKE  259

Machine to apply sealant on the profiles prior the assembling with corner cleats. With this machine, the quality of the window/door remarkably improves in the meaning of a better aspect of the window/door, a protection against corrosion initiation and a protection against air, water, noise and high/low outside temperature. Thanks to the combination between this machine and its specific sealant we obtain a solution that guarantees user-friendly operation and minimum maintenance. Furthermore the optimized application on the connection surfaces allows a considerable saving of sealant and minimizes the cleaning needs for external flaws.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Pneumatic feed
Feed pressure (bar)
6 ÷ 7
Sealant plate size (mm)
150 x 130
Pedal controlled
Profile supports
Sealant empty LED indicator
Cartridge contents (ml)
Complete hardening time (h)
10 ÷ 12
Pneumatic feed
The machine is controlled via pneumatic circuits. The work cycle consists in the raising of a plate spread with an optimised quantity of sealant, to avoid waste and deposit the correct quantity along the whole section of the profile. The plate is then lowered and the material is replaced, spreading more sealant on the surface.
Aluminum TKE 259 Pneumatic feed Tekna
Aluminum TKE 259 Sealant application Tekna
Sealant application
The sealant is applied by placing the profile manually against the plate, using the side supports and guide stops. Having treated the surface with sealant, the frame is assembled normally using all kinds of corner cleats: spring, screw, crimping, etc.
Protective sealant

The sealant is the result of lengthy experimentation performed together with a primary international chemical company. Rubber- and synthetic resin-based single component protective sealant, which becomes a tough, resistant rubber as the solvent evaporates. It sticks firmly to all metal surfaces, is highly resistant to ageing and offers considerable protection against corrosion. Storage: store in a cool dry place, between +5°C and +30°C. Complete hardening: 10/12 hours in a normal environment.

Aluminum TKE 259 Protective sealant Tekna
Aluminum TKE 259 Empty cartridge indicator Tekna
Empty cartridge indicator
The machine base houses the cartridge, and has a sensor which is triggered on when the cartridge is nearly empty. The cartridge is quick and easy to replace, without slowing down operations.
Safety pedal
The safety pedal is used to control the machine cycle, keeping the hands free to be able to correctly position the profiles for sealant application. Designed to guarantee safe use of the machine, it prevents accidental starting and automatic restarting.
Aluminum TKE 259 Safety pedal Tekna