The swarf exhauster with double suction nozzle system is intended for the work environment. The use of a high-depression side duct turbine makes it suitable for various extraction requirements. Equipped with an anti-static filter, it is suitable for the extraction of aluminium and PVC swarf and comes complete with a wheel-mounted, quick release collection tank.

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Motor type: Turbine
Suction inlet diameter (mm)
Number of suction inlets
Tank capacity (l)
Flow rate (m³/h)
Vacuum (mbar)
Motor power (kW)
Motor speed (rpm)
Weight (kg)
Cartridge filter
Suction inlet
The front suction system is made up of one or two suction inlets made of 100 mm diameter cast aluminium. These allow multiple connection, via plastic pipes with metal reinforcing, with the suction presettings mounted on the cutting machines, cutting-off centres, machining centres.
Aluminum MG8-T Suction inlet Tekna
Aluminum MG8-T Collection tank Tekna
Collection tank
The extracted material is then deposited in a suitable container with quick release, made of steel and mounted on 4 wheels, which allows disposing of the extracted material in a simple and fast manner.
Pivoting wheels
Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 pivoting wheels with brake, which ensure a high degree of mobility and object handling ease. Locking the braking units allows their position to be fixed near different work areas.
Aluminum MG8-T Pivoting wheels Tekna
Aluminum MG8-T Extraction unit Tekna
Extraction unit

The extractors may be equipped, depending on the model, with cast aluminium side duct turbine suction units where high performance is required, or with centrifugal electric fans in the event greater intake capacity is needed. In both applications the impeller is fixed directly to the motor shaft, thus without transmission systems: this reduces component wear and tear and subsequent maintenance needs. These features, together with noiselessness, make the motor particularly suitable for continuous service.

Filtering unit

Within the steel filtering chamber one can find, depending on the extractor model, a polyester filtering bag or a high performance cartridge filter, intended to protect the suction unit. These ensure a high retention of dust and guarantee purity of the outgoing air, thanks to a large surface area and at a high filtration efficiency. For the models fitted with a bag filter there is an automatic cleaning system, comprising a vibrating filter shaker operated by a pneumatic motor which as well as easing cleaning, provides greater durability and performance of the filter itself.

Aluminum MG8-T Filtering unit Tekna

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