TKE 355-350-345 PA

*Machines already on delivery in the new colours & trims shown in the picture above


Single head, rising blade cutting-off machine, with left loading side, for cutting at angular settings from 20° to the left to 20° to the right as intermediate angles.

Thanks to the technical solutions adopted, the horizontal and vertical vices ensure the utmost rigidity in workpiece clamping as well as rapid repositioning of the vices. Such characteristic allows the use of this machine in window/door manufacture and for cutting industrial profiles.
TKE 355-350-345 PA Vices Tekna
TKE 355-350-345 PA Blade and roller conveyor Tekna
Blade and roller conveyor
The cutting-off machine can be equipped with 450, 500 or 550 mm cemented carbide blades, which, mounted on a pneumatic feed system, make it ideal for cutting profiles with multiple sections.
Cutting zone
To enable maximum utilization of the cutting capacity, the cutting zone features a strong structure designed to ensure maximum rigidity. This is with regard to both the horizontal plane and the vertical square.
TKE 355-350-345 PA Cutting zone Tekna
TKE 355-350-345 PA Control Tekna
The control console allows user-friendly and intuitive machine operation. Machine management control is complemented by the vice pressure adjustment system (optional) and the ability to adjust the blade output speed.

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