TKE 355-345 PF

*Delivery of machines with the new colours & trims (shown in the picture above) from November /December 2022


Single head cutting-off machine with horizontal blade feed and left loading side, pneumatic double side tilting of the cutting head in fixed positions: 45° to the left plus90°, 45° and 22°30’ to the right. A special positive stop also allows cutting atintermediate angles.

Head 45°/ 22°30’
Applied technical solutions ensure fast and precise angular positioning of the head, which can be equipped with 450- and 550-diameter cemented carbide blades. Thus the distinct vocation of this machine for the production of windows and doors is outlined, ensuring reliability and precision over time.
TKE 355-345 PF Head 45°/ 22°30’ Tekna
TKE 355-345 PF Safety systems Tekna
Safety systems
The machine is equipped with a localised blade protection system, which does not interfere with the positioning of the workpiece but, at the same time, ensures the safety of the operator.
The cutting-off machine is equipped with a horizontal and vertical vice assembly (optional), which is characterised by extremely fast positioning and effective clamping.
TKE 355-345 PF Vices Tekna
TKE 355-345 PF Control Tekna
Control console that allows the implementation of left and right head tilt through the use of quick and intuitive controls. With the unloading/measuring roller conveyor stand on the right side, the length of the workpiece to be cut is determined, referenced to the centre of the blade.

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