TKE 305 EA

Single head, rising blade cutting-off machine with automatic cycle, for 90° cutting, equipped with N/C bar feeder. It can be set up with four different diameter blades, the blade feed is N/C electrical driven. The machine is provided with a pneumatic system for automatic separation of the cut piece in order to ensure maximum quality of the cut surface. It can be also provided with inverter, to control the blade rotation speed for the best adjustment to the cutting profile. It can also be equipped with an automatic bar loading magazine and with custom drilling units for particular needs.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Execution of cyclical cuts from cutting lists
Cutting lists import
Manually controlled complete sliding guard
Side protection tunnels
Minimal oil diffusion lubrication system
Preparation for automatic start-up of external exhauster
Group of 4 positionable blowers with magnetic support for work surface cleaning
Bridge structure in cutting area with two pairs of vertical and horizontal vices with pressure reducer equipped with a pressure gauge
Bridge structure in feeder area with two pairs of vertical and horizontal vices with pressure reducer equipped with a pressure gauge
Feeder and cutting area adjustable bridge vices
Manual stop for bar end cut recovery
Widia blade
Blade diameter
650 ; 550 ; 450 ; 350
Second blade management (*)
Swarf conveyor for blade
Separating system for cut workpiece
Automatic bar loading magazine
Drilling unit
Electronic control of blade feed axis Y
Bar minimum length (remaining bar) (mm)
Electronic control of the X axis
X axis stroke (mm)
X axis positioning speed (m/min)
Absolute encoder positioning
Positioning tolerance (mm)
± 0,1
Three-phase brakemotor
Power rating (kW), three-phase drive motor
Blade rotation speed Ø 350 to 550 (rpm)
Blade rotation speed Ø 650 (rpm)
Peripheral speed of 50Hz (m/s)
Ø650 - 77 ; Ø550 - 83 ; Ø450 - 68 ; Ø350 - 53
Brake intervention time (s)
Motor with inverter (optional) (kW)
Blade rotation speed with inverter (rpm)
2.200 ÷ 2.800
Feeder with bridge vices
Bar feed system obtained through the use of a controlled axis ensuring, through the use of a recirculating ball screw, high positioning accuracy. It can be set from the “PC” on-board the machine. Equipped with a bridge vice system, which allows the extreme versatility of clamping toward a wide variety of profile geometries, while maintaining rapidity in setting up the workpiece clamping cylinders.
TKE 305 EA Feeder with bridge vices Tekna
TKE 305 EA Cutting zone with bridge vices Tekna
Cutting zone with bridge vices
To enable maximum utilization of the large cutting capacity, which ensures the machinability of large profiles, the cutting zone features a sturdy structure designed to ensure maximum precision. This is with regard to both the horizontal plane and the vertical square. The bridge vice system also present in the cutting zone, with its 4 positionable hold-down devices, contributes to stable and precise clamping of the workpiece.
Orientable vices

Optionally, both bridge vices can be equipped with adjustable hold-down devices, with adjustable pressure angle. This is an accessory that enables the proper clamping and cutting of profiles with irregular geometry, ensuring maximum rigidity and the maintenance of precision, a distinctive feature of the machine itself. The use of this system is also characterised by simplicity and quick set-up.

TKE 305 EA Orientable vices Tekna
TKE 305 EA Sliding protections Tekna
Sliding protections
Integral work area protection ensures maximum safety during cutting cycles. It consists of two separate protective covers, one for the workpiece clamping and transport area and one for the clamping, cutting and separation area. The two covers have a large scratch-resistant polycarbonate window to follow the machining in full brightness and visibility. They are independent of each other and slide to the outer sides of the machine giving wide and complete access to the workbench.
The control area features a control console equipped with a PLC with an integrated 5.7" QVGA colour TFT graphical display and fully customised, feature-rich software designed specifically for this machine. Single cuts or cuts from list can be programmed locally through the PC. Using connection via USB port or LAN connection, programmed lists can be used remotely. Cutting management control is complemented by the vice pressure adjustment system and the ability to adjust the blade output speed.
TKE 305 EA Control Tekna
TKE 305 EA Label printer Tekna
Label printer

The industrial label printer allows each cut profile to be identified with identifying features from the cutting list. In addition, barcode printing enables easy identification of the profile itself, which is particularly useful for subsequent machining steps on Machining Centres or assisted assembly lines.

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