Single head rising blade trimming machine, for extruded profiles and flat sheets made of aluminium. The especially rugged structure allows very sharp and accurate cutting in order to obtain exactly parallel faces of the profiles. Furthermore the machine can be set-up with support roller conveyors to extend its versatility. The blade guard has been designed and developed to ensure working under the best possible conditions of safety.

Adjustable stop detail
Referring to the centreline of the blade, it allows the area to be removed to be quickly defined.
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines TKE 335 R Adjustable stop detail Tekna
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines TKE 335 R Graduated scale Tekna
Graduated scale
It allows the height of the blade relative to the horizontal support surface to be mechanically fixed in relation to the thickness of the material to be sectioned.
Cutting zone
The sturdy and wide horizontal cast-iron support surface makes up the work area, which features a large footprint that enables the processing of both profiles and flat aluminium sheets.
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines TKE 335 R Cutting zone Tekna

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