Stop gauge and profile support system, driven by DC motor, complete with electronic read-out through encoder. Tolerance on positioning ± 0.3 mm.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Backlit display
Perform single placements
Storage of 99 profile corrective values with measurement automatic calculation for angled cuts
Storage of 30 cutting lists (50 rows each) from keyboard
USB port
RJ45 network card
PVC-coated steel rollers (295) on bearings
Pneumatic lifting of workpiece stop
Effective stroke (according to model) (mm)
4.200 ; 7.200
Side view
Through special steel bracket, the mechanical connection to the cutting machine is made precisely and rigidly.
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines Microbo Side view Tekna
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines Microbo Roller Tekna
PVC-coated steel rollers of 295 mm that allow the profile to slide effectively, preventing surface damage.
Reference stop
Carriage running on ball bushing actuated by numerically controlled kinematics, which allows, referring to the centre of the blade, the realization of the length of the workpiece to be cut.
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines Microbo Reference stop Tekna
Single Head Cutting-Off Machines Microbo Control Tekna
The control console allows total management of the machine's operational functions. Through the PCL tool, it is possible to perform the preparation of cutting lists, then allowing the repositioning of the stop sequentially and automatically.
Barcode reader (Optional)

Through the use of the barcode reader, the system automatically identifies the structure and consequently positions the stop at the predetermined height, reducing cycle times.

Single Head Cutting-Off Machines Microbo Barcode reader Tekna

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