The bench is suitable for accessories and gaskets assembly. It can rotate on a central fulcrum and can be adjustable in length, thus allowing the frame rotation.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Work surfaces covered with rubber
Height and length adjustable work bench
Swivel friction work bench
Feet with holes for ground fixing
Arm length (mm)
Arm length (mm)
Height (mm)
760 ÷ 1.200
Load capacity (kg)
Weight (kg)
Adjustable feet
Height adjustable feet to ensure the work bench can be positioned at the required height and perfectly flush with the other products in the Dynamic Line. The feet also have holes so they can be anchored to the floor.
Manual Assembly Benches Edge Adjustable feet Tekna
Manual Assembly Benches Edge Surface in nonslip PVC Tekna
Surface in nonslip PVC
The work surfaces are covered with non-slip PVC rubber that provides secure support when positioning the frame.
Height-extendible support surface
The ability to extend and lengthen in height allows perfect adaptation to a variety of frame types.
Manual Assembly Benches Edge Height-extendible support surface Tekna
Manual Assembly Benches Edge Swivel work bench Tekna
Swivel work bench
The work surface swivels on a central fulcrum and can be extended in length, allowing the frame to be rotated.

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