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TKE 955 - safer, better performance

The TKE 955 CNC machining centre is designed to take 5-axis machining of bars and profiles to the next level, ensuring high performance and operator safety.

It is a mobile gantry machine designed to allow companies to perform drilling, milling and threading operations, at any angle in space, on bars or workpieces made of aluminium, PVC, light alloys, ensuring total safety for the operator.

Its technical characteristics make it suitable for even the most demanding markets such as the automotive, industrial automation and naval sectors. Flexible, safe, high-performance, silent and functional, thanks to the motors integrated in the gantry structure that ensure high dynamics, the fast tool change, the "dynamic pendulum" functionality with cut & split operation, the auto-feed option and the high safety standards, TKE 955 is an affordable Industry 4.0 ready reality.

It is the integral protection cab that is the first element to catch the eye, as it combines careful design with ergonomics designed to allow operators to carry out their work while limiting risks. Made of technopolymer, with its rounded shapes it provides greater convenience and more safety.
A key aspect of this machine is its versatility.
As a high-performance product, the TKE 955 is suitable for many applications and sectors and is able to process various types of material, including steel up to 2 mm thick.
This operational flexibility is due to the large working section (600x300 millimetres), combined with the adoption of a 400 millimetre blade.

TKE 955 is the ideal answer to the demands of an increasingly dynamic and detail-oriented market.