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TKE 954 - innovation travels on the rails of excellence!

From the workshop to big industry: TKE 954 opens a frontier never before explored.

TKE 954 is an extremely versatile 4-axis CNC machining center with mobile gantry. Drilling, milling and threading at any angle, from -90° to +90°, are the machining operations that can be performed on bars or parts made of aluminum, PVC, light alloys in general and steel.


Fast, powerful, beautiful and eye-catching, with TKE 954 every aspect of technology and design is pushed to the max. The visual impact is itself a "promise of happiness" with the "Shuttle model" cab, designed to combine maximum functionality, accessibility and visibility with safety and ergonomic requirements. The operator has large glass surfaces to control the execution of work and large access to internal parts for maintenance and cleaning.
Inside the aesthetic shell beats a heart of "top" performance in the industry. An "absolute exclusive" of the machine is the "electric X gantry" axis equipped with two motors that make the acceleration thrust easier and smoother by allowing higher speeds in the X axis (up to 130 m/min), while maintaining the 60 m/min speed on the Y and Z axes. There are two operating modes: "single-zone" for acting in a single work area on whole bars up to 7 meters long, and "pendulum" for running multiple parts in two separate operating areas.

Finalizing everything is a powerful liquid-cooled electrospindle, with rigid tapping capability, capable of performing even heavy machining with great speed and precision, configurable with maximum power in S1 of 8.5 kW (up to 10.5 Kw as an option). The ability to machine one workpiece on three faces or to run two workpieces in parallel (also on 3 faces using one head) also makes TKE 954 suitable for typical industrial machining.

Beautiful yes, but also safe. The cab of the TKE 954 is equipped with carterization that not only protects the operator but also reduces noise impact. The automotive-style opening doors, in addition to being equipped with electromagnetic safety locking
with RFID (radio-frequency identification) devices, make it possible to optimize the machine's footprint on the shop floor, as well as facilitate "internal logistics" related to materials and processes.
In the sign of safety is the innovative laser scanner instead of traditional photoelectric barriers placed on the ground, for more precise access control and greater operator safety. An intelligent control system that, without fixed references at the center of the machine, proves most useful in pendulum mode, capable of managing the two work areas in variable, even asymmetrical, set-ups. The operator interface, easily transportable to the front of the machine via mobile trolley, is facilitated by a 21' "touch screen" monitor equipped with new software graphics.


Beautiful, powerful, safe. Simple: TKE 954 opens a new frontier in the sign of excellence.