TKE 954 Ausgewählt für ADI Design index 2020


A new prestigious award for Voilàp Holding products.

The 4-axis TKE 954 machining centre of the Tekna brand has been selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory for publication in the ADI Design Index 2020, in the "Design for work" category.


The news was officially announced today during the presentation of the 2020 edition of the prestigious Award and the inauguration of the product exhibition mounted in the new ADI Design Museum in Milan.


ADI Design 2020 is the first volume of the two-year cycle which collects pre-selected products for the Compasso d'Oro ADI 2022 Award: the highest Italian recognition for production and style of goods, services, processes and systems in the field of design. The XXVI edition of this award featured a previous Voilàp Holding product as a protagonist, namely the Fusion 4H by Emmegi, awarded with an "Honourable Mention".


Now, the TKE 954, brings “beauty” to the workshop. Light, clean, sinuous, fast, silent, Tekna's 4-axis CNC machining centre is designed and built to combine performance excellence with a new way of conceiving the ergonomic aesthetics of the machine. An explosion of lights and colours is triggered by the fusion of the solidity and efficiency of Tekna products with the Voilàp Style and Design Centre, directed by Donato Coco.


"This further recognition – comments Voilàp’s Industrial Business Unit Director Piero Valentini rewards the efforts and commitment of the Voilàp group in creating products which are the offspring of the marriage between technological skills and design. We are convinced that this combination will open a new industrial sector frontier, as we determinedly combine efficiency with high-impact product aesthetics. Advancing further with concepts that have always been distinctive aspects of our group."