Spin 4 is a trolley for gaskets. A reel with clutch and wire guide ensures trouble-free gasket unwinding. It also has a quick roll change system.

Pivoting wheels
Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 pivoting wheels with brake, which ensure a high degree of mobility and object handling ease. Locking the braking units allows their position to be fixed near different work areas.
Trolleys Spin 4 Pivoting wheels Tekna
Trolleys Spin 4 Reel holder Tekna
Reel holder
A system of adjustable and extendable reel holders allows adaptation to the various sizes and types of reels that will be housed.
Reel locking clutch
The reel with clutch counteracts the unwinding phase without the possibility of running into mishaps.
Trolleys Spin 4 Reel locking clutch Tekna

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