TKE  783

3-axis CNC machining center with superior machining capability in Y (2000 mm). It features a clamping system made up of vacuum tables that allow panels and plates to be held by vacuum. The machining center is equipped with a series of valves that turn on/off different areas of the machining table, thus concentrating the suction on one area and optimizing the clamping of components with limited dimensions. It is designed for drilling and interpolated milling operations on composite panels, panels and plates in aluminum, stainless steel and on aluminum profiles. Standard versions are available in two machining lengths: 4140 and 6440 mm. To create programs that control the machines, Tekna provides user-friendly software tools that can be used also by not expert programmers. The machine is equipped with Fanuc CNC Numerical Control, motors and encoders.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
X AXIS (longitudinal) (mm)
4.520 ; 6.980
Y AXIS (transversal) (mm)
Z AXIS (vertical) (mm)
Z AXIS (vertical) with air blowing system (mm)
A AXIS (angle machining head rotation) (optional)
0 ÷ 360°
Maximum power in S1 (kW)
Maximum speed (rpm)
Maximum torque (Nm)
Toolholder cone (Tekna special piece)
ISO 30
Air cooling with electric fan
Carriage-mounted 10-place revolver type tool magazine
Number of angle units that can be loaded in the tool magazine
Maximum dimension of the tools that can be loaded into the magazine (mm)
Ø = 140 - L = 120
Photoelectric barrier system to protect access to work zone
Metal enclosure guard on two sides
Tool magazine mechanically mobile covering
Local cabinet for machining unit protection
Workpiece reference retractable pneumatic stops for panel positioning
Workpiece reference pneumatic stops for panel positioning along X axis
Workpiece reference pneumatic stops for panel positioning along Y axis (4140 – 6140)
3 - 6
Manual reference stops on vices for profile positioning
Manual reference stop for profile positioning for each 4-vice unit
Vacuum locking system with suction tables
Automatic management of on/off valves for different worktable areas
Vacuum beam size (mm)
230 x 2.000
Number of cross bars with double vacuum chamber
Pneumatic vices on work table for clamping profiles
Maximum number of vices per area
Gantry structure
Electrospindle controlled on 3 axes with the possibility of simultaneous interpolation
Swarf removal system
Swarf exhauster mod. MG2-TP
Tool minimal pressurized oil diffusion lubrication system
Additional automatic filling system of the minimal lubrication system - capacity 15 litres
Tool magazine

The revolver type tool magazine, integrated on the X axis, drastically reduces the time required for tool changeover. This function is particularly useful when working in double operation mode and allows avoiding the stroke to reach the magazine, as the magazine moves with the electrospindle to the relevant positions. The 10-place magazine can contain up to 10 toolholders with their respective tools, including 2 angle machining heads, that can be configured at the discretion of the operator. A mechanically moved mobile cover protects the tools from swarf and dust produced during machining.

Panels TKE 783 Tool magazine Tekna
Panels TKE 783 Electrospindle Tekna

10 kW S1 high torque electrospindle allows heavy duty machining. It can be used on aluminium panels and on some types of steel panel, thanks to a lubrication system with minimal dispersion of pressurized oil. The machine may also be equipped with an optional fourth axis to control the rotation of an angle machining head with blade for V grooving on panels or an angle machining head for profile milling. The 6440 mm model can operate in double operation mode to minimise machine downtimes during workpiece loading and unloading phases. The system divides the machine into two zones and allows both the loading and the consequent machining of workpieces with different lengths, codes and machining operations in the two work areas.

Vacuum table

The panels are clamped in position by a vacuum table. The plastic table is laid over and fixed to the aluminium cross members and provides efficient suction over the entire surface area, while providing protection against the ingress of lubricating liquid. The table is divided into sections by extruded aluminium beams that are automatically switched on/off individually by a valve system, activating the vacuum and locking only the areas where the panels to be clamped are positioned. The machining head is equipped with an extractor system connected to an industrial suction and blowing system, which can be removed when the pneumatic clamping system is in use. This dual system effectively removes the machining dust, maintaining the extraction holes free and ensuring high-performance clamping. It also makes machine cleaning operations between one load and the next much easier, eliminating much of the swarf that would compromise the correct clamping of the panel to the surface.

Panels TKE 783 Vacuum table Tekna
Panels TKE 783 Pneumatic vices Tekna
Pneumatic vices (Optional)

The dimensions of the work area on the Z axis allows machining of profiles and thicker materials. Up to 4 pneumatic vices per zone can be installed on the vacuum table for the mechanical clamping of aluminium profiles and extrusions; thanks to the possibility to load two angle machining heads in the tool magazine, these profiles can be machined on 5 faces without the need for repositioning. This optional device allows the machining of both panels and profiles, thereby concentrating in a single machine the operational capabilities of two different machining centres, giving it a level of versatility unparalleled in its field. Safety is ensured by a local safety cabinet over the machining unit, that is fitted if the machine is to be equipped with pneumatic vices and/or angle machining heads.


The CN6 numeric control management software monitors all the machining centre functions by means of a graphic interface. It includes an ISO language editor and allows viewing the complete workpieces of the set machining operations in 3D. The functions can be extended with the optional NC Tool software, the CAD/CAM system that generates ISO programmes compatible with CN6, which can be combined with the Nesting software to optimise the figures to machine on the panels.

Panels TKE 783 Software Tekna

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