TKE 743 e 783: air power

Panels blocked with vacuum technology.

This is the key feature of the TKE 743 and 783. 3-axis CNC machining centres for composite panels and panels/sheets of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, and titanium, and also aluminium profiles in the case of model 783.
The tools are always at hand in the 12- and 19-place on-board magazines.
The vacuum clamping system makes it possible to machine the material directly, including even lighter gauge sheets, with no loss of efficiency. Different areas of the worktable can be enabled or disabled by means of a series of valves to concentrate the suction in the required area to optimise clamping of smaller parts.

The use of air power in these two machining centres is extended also to include the chip suction system. This system keeps the worktable perfectly free of chips and dust, thus also creating better working conditions for operators.
Workers on the job understand the difference this can make. And they also understand the welcome contribution that a friendly and intuitive interface like the one installed on the 743 and 783 can make to facilitating routine work operations.
With machines like these, with their vocation to simplify, optimise and streamline the job, stress in the workplace simply evaporates.