TKE 305 EA: Power and efficiency

Tekna brand products offer a comprehensive response to all areas linked to aluminium extrusion processing: from doors and windows to industrial applications. Extremely rugged and powerful machines, designed to reduce processing costs and times and to boost productivity, specifically designed to perform demanding machining tasks on large size profiles. The model that includes all these features is the TKE 305 EA single-head cutting-off machine. 

TKE 305 EA is the new automatic cycle single-head cutting-off machine for 90° cutting of aluminium profiles. Equipped with a numerically controlled bar feeder system and electrically operated blade feed, this machine guarantees cutting position tolerance down to ± 0.05 mm and reduced bar scrap of just 80 mm. The machine is also equipped with a pneumatic system for automatic separation of the cut piece to ensure the maximum quality of the cut surface.


Most important features: 

+ Feeder with bridge clamps

+ Cutting zone with bridge clamps

+ Adjustable clamps

+ Sliding guards

+ High performance control console

+ Clamping pressure adjustment system

+ Blade exit speed adjustment