Vertical roller conveyor for easy transport of frames and fenestration products including very heavy ones between the various assembly stations.

Technical data arrow_drop_down
Load capacity (kg)
Height (mm)
2.165 ÷ 3.015
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Weight (kg)
Soft nonslip PVC contact surface
Roller bench height (mm)
320 ÷ 360
Adjustable roller bench tilt
85° ÷ 90°
Adjustable feet
The height-adjustable feet ensure that the desired height of the work surface is correctly achieved and allow for a variable angle from 85° to 90°. The feet also have holes so they can be anchored to the floor.
V-link Adjustable feet Tekna
V-link Roller conveyor Tekna
Roller conveyor
A roller conveyor at the base, with adjustable height from 320 to 360 mm from the ground, supports the weight of the door and ensures smoothness and ease of handling.
Bench with anti-scratch rollers
Five rows of stem-mounted needle rollers form the support of the door against the inclined backrest and allow even very heavy doors to be moved safely.
V-link Bench with anti-scratch rollers Tekna